I was born in france, where I studied medicine school, and  came to Israel 30 years ago. Today, I am the honorary consul of France, and I received the medal of knight from the french president.
Two months ago, I have opened my own art gallery to promote artists and their art, after learning and experimenting that “art speaks when words are unable to explain”.
My gallery is called Chabba gallery, which is my second name, called after my great grandmother. The origin of the name Chabba comes from the Arabic language and symbolized harmony, beauty and desire to please.
The unique concept of Chabba gallery is its location- my home. This unique location allows the art lover to see the art mixed in everyday life and see how it harmonized with the living environment.

At Chabba gallery, the art lover can encounter with the artist and get a closer and more personal view of him and his art.



For any enquiry, please contact me: