Anastasia Gorskaya1

Anastasia grew up and have received her initial art education in the ancient Russian town called Sarov near Nizhny Novgorod.
From the very beginning of her path as an artist Anastasia choose technically difficult but rewarding art of a large scale layered watercolor and have continued her artistic education at the Moscow School of Watercolor Arts, combining this training to business education in one of the best private universities in Moscow.
By the time Anastasia have graduated from the School of Watercolor Arts (2009) she was elected the best student in her class. Her works were exhibited at the Moscow Watercolor Arts Center. Anastasia have continued her artistic education at the top Russian art school – Surikov Institute of Fine Arts (2010).
Anastasia is a member of the Association of Russian Artists since 2010.
Anastasia Gorskaya was awarded the Grand Prix of Moscow Museum for her contemporary piece entitled “Great Imperial Crown” created specially for the 400 Anniversary of the Romanovs Dynasty.
Her works were exhibited at Central House of Art Museum (May 2012; November 2012; May 2013), Tsvetayeva Museum (August 2012), Nosov Museum (June 2012); Moscow City Museum (April 2013), Best artists exhibition at Surikov institute, Moscow (2014, 2015, 2016), Tet Aviv (January – February 2018)