Colors From Soul
My art drives me into an inner world, which has its own rhythm and movement. Leads me through a journey that comes from deep inside me. attracted to beauty of human nature, water reflections and landscapes, some of which are fantasy and some counties desirable. My art comes to provide the viewer a profound experience of color magical world where imagination and reality jumbled and harmonize together .
Studied Economic and Management – for the past years this was the center of my life. Since I discovered my passion for colors my life has been changed ..
2013 was the year that I made a great move into the Art World, found a new love.
Participated in several common exhibitions and on January 2014 had my first own exhibition – The Colors of the Wind at Tel Aviv-Israel – it was a great success .
It seems that all of my life I knew that there is something waiting for me to discover..
The love an affection that my paintings gets from people from Israel and all over the world – shows me I’m at the right way .
Artist Statement” if you can dream it, you can do it…” By Walt Disney
Follow your heart and dreams – explore your love and gentleness and be yourself every day of your life.
ExhibitionsJewish Art – Cinematek – Jerusalem 12/2013 – Israel
Miracles are seen at Light – Shoam – Israel 12/2013 – Israel
Colors of the Wind – 01/2014 Tel Aviv – Israel
Women Voice – 03/2014 Jaffa – Tel Aviv – Israel
Art Monaco 2014 – 4/2014 – Monaco
Fused – 06/2014 – San Diego – USA
Happiness moments – 07/2014 Raannana – Israel
Art About – 09/2014 Munich – Germany
The color of ARGAMAN 01/2015 – solo exhibition Israel
Art&About 2/2015 – Tel Aviv, Israel
Art&About 9/2015 – Tel Aviv, Israel
Happy Land 01/2016 – Tel Aviv, Israel
Art EducationHaven’t studied art at a known academic institute – autodidact
Had my best teacher – my beloved father .