Artist Statement by Chaim Biran
If you don’t see anything
And you hear no sound,
A sign is,
You are ignoring.
In that case,
It would be better if you shut up.
You must speak out.
Chaim Biran
I have to speak out.
To express in words the thoughts passing through my mind, come and go, etched in its folds.
To see the environment containing me and us, to take a stand and to have an opinion.
In 2006 I returned from India, exciting and formative trip, where I enable my antennas, to absorb the sounds and smells fragrant of precious spices.
I started writing, poetic prose style, describe the timeline, from childhood to adulthood, which has been spiced with personal experiences and opinions maturity.
In 2009 I left the business, lately with 4 years …, the plan was to retire at the age of 55, in favor of my old loves, writing and visual arts.
Today, writing and sculpture, allow me to place myself in the global space, and from my private bubble, I run my life.
As a child, I’ve formed a bubble to live in, feel alone
I buffing out the wall
And peeping to see the rest of the world with all its colors.
Out the door, to touch and feel
Hear things, and listen to what is being said
Takes pleasure in human scent, and says mine.
Than went back inside.
Some of us were dissolving into general
Lost the ability to separate and purify
Still see the world in black and white
The black is empty and threatening, and the white was all.
Chaim Biran
In my artworks, I bring up ideas and points of view, on our life and mine, appropriate seriousness spiced with humor, sometimes slightly surreal, and sometimes I shed drops of funniness into the material.
I knead the material during the day and at night had not fallen asleep, the ideas are running and browsing, and I can not collect enough. So I am not satisfied and I am full of doubts . Repeatedly kneading the material, reform it, and start again.
The essence defines my life as a sculptor, is a rebirthing, renewed life, I created, and gave to myself a welcome gift.