Etty Dadon Zigron

I was born in Jaffa and for the last 20 years I am living in the Golan Heights. Since I was a child I live and breath art. I paint and sculpture in ceramic in my studio which is called Ca-Parot. The studio was born from my endless love to art and the amazing process of creation.

My childhood in gorgeous Jaffa together with the amazing and unique view of the Golan Heights generate my inspiration for rich and colorful creation in feelings and textures. My art is unusual and is influenced from a strong passion to colors, people, life and nature.

I draw my inspiration from anything around me, especially from food and flowers. My art is my way of translating to the world what my sole is going through.

I paint with oil colors on cardboard or fabric. With my paintbrush I expose the insane rhythm of life: restlessness, peaceful, tiredness, creativity, sadness, joy, love and disappointment. I gather together all of these strong feelings and bring in to expression in each of my paintings, which takes me 3-4 hours of insane and intensive creativity. This how I feel LIFE.

Over the last few years cows are a strong and main motif. The cow represent, for me, something basic, earthy and motherly. A creature which provides us with the basic needs for life to develop. The colorfulness in my work enables a glance into my soul which comes out in a different dress each time.

I start each painting with a white board and huge excitement.
The feelings are bubbling inside of me and the colors I choose represent the endless energy that drive my work process. At the end of the process I start to feel peaceful and love to the creation which was developed from my chaos. The moment when my creation is done is one of the most important moments of my work, just like the art of cooking – you mix the ingredients and add spices. It’s not always exactly what you want but then the creativity take place from its own.