Ilan star , an artist with a  Unique Fingerprint and Style!

Expresses himself in a minimalistic spontaneous clean cut flowing line .

He works in an ecological studio, uses only his fingers on a digital touch screen .

his Beautiful color illustrations are full of implied humor and Ideas ,that creates a naive and pleasant atmosphere.

an atmosphere that will lighten your mood and make you smile . Ilan star , is a tel aviv resident , born in 1960

He was the Former CEO of star computers co. For 33 years , And he is a Father of three children.

Over the years he studied and practiced yoga and the torah of Kabbalah, along With his expertise in computers and art .

As a pioneer in the digital world, he found his way to express art ,using the tools he grew up with.

His last solo exhibition, called “Good Wave Art”, was held in central Tel Aviv, attracting many visitors and receiving accolades from the local media. Additional exhibitions are yet to come.