Ioana Elecfi



There are four words I use most when describing my work to people…

Chaos, Freedom, Movement, Joy.

Chaos in the way my art adapts to the space I’m in and the tools I use to create it…I move from place to place in my work as I do in my life and in the media that have presented themselves to me…each time period feels temporary but all encompassing when I am in it…my visual cues have developed a theme but the rhythm has changed as my environment and the experiences I have change me.

Freedom is the way I view my art…no right way or wrong way just the way each piece develops…I start with a goal but beyond that I’m free to discover new ways to get there..I love geometry but not symmetry or perfection..I feel the freedom of a child with no inhibitions to express myself on the canvas in any way I feel…going crazy, mixing colours, washing or scratching the canvas and then when I am spent I build structure over it…I am the child who never had this child inside when I was younger .

Joy is the beginning and the end…I paint because I love to paint..that’s it! I want to see how each element I add to a piece brings something else to me..I evoke myself and people with impact on my life, the bringers of joy. All in all my work is a very honest journal…a trip through my life, full of emotional extremes but most importantly the possibilities of the next chapter, the next entry, the next experience.