Micky Goldstein

Born in Santiago, Chile November 12th 1960, live in Tel Aviv Israel since 1973.

2005 – 2006 Art workshop with Yacob Zim Tel Aviv, Israel
1984 – 1986 Art workshop with Abraham Eilat (specializing in engraving and acquatinta) Haifa, Israel.
1983 – 1987 Academy of Art Nery Bloomfield Wizo Hifa, Israel.

2016 Individual, September, Irit Hadani Art Gallery Tel Aviv Israel “Imagine”

2015 Collective, June, O’Higgins Institute Santiago Chile “Llamado de los Angeles”
2014 Collective, December, City Hall Givataim “The Sea”
2013 Collective, October, City Hall Petach Tikva “From the Andes Mountains to Jeruslam”
2013 Collective, June, Cultural Netanya Center “From the Andes Mountains to Jeruslam”
2013 Collective, February, Qiryat Ono Municipal Library “From the Andes Mountains to Jeruslam”
2012 Collective, March, “The end of the world 2012” Oren Meyuhas Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel.
2012 Collective, April, Steinhausen Art Gallery” Miami FL.
2012 April, Colombia ArtExpo, Miami, Fl.
2011 Individual, Decembre “Pregnancy” Gallery Ginger Giraffe, Mumbai, India.
2011 Individual, April “Windows to my Past” Gallery-3 Rotchield Tel Aviv, Israel.
2011 Collective, March, “100 Years of Femininity” Gallery – 3 Rotchield Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 Collective, February, “Couple One Way or Another” Gallery- 3 Rotchield Tel Aviv.
2010 Collective, “Nude” Cultural Ramat Aviv Center Tel Aviv, Israel.
2009 Collective, “Present Time of 2009” Museum of the Caricature Holon, Israel
2008 Collective, “ Present time of 2008” Museum of the Caricature Holon Israel.
2007 Individual, “The Pregnancy” Private Museum Allahbadia (permanent exposition of a private

collection) Mumbai, India.
2007 Collective, “The present time of 2007” Museum of the Caricature Holon, Israel.
2006 Collective, “La Femme” Gallery Art et Miss Paris, France.
2005 Individual, “My other Country” Sponsored by the Chilean Embassy Cultural Center of Petach Tikva City Hall, Israel.
2004 Collective, “100 Years Of Pablo Neruda” University of Tel Aviv, Israel.
2000 Individual, “Me and The Impressionism” Cultural Center of the Academy Beit Berel Kfar Saba, Israel.
1998 Individual, “The Design and The Art” Art Academy Nery Bloomfield Wizo Haifa, Israel.

My Info :

Tel Aviv, Israel

+972 52 2264 866