Ran Shapira

Born in Netanya and raised in Tel Aviv. schooled in Israel and the US. One day in his early 30’s Ran took some materials left in a construction site and started to create sculptures, this event lead to the discovery of hidden talent of expressing thoughts, movement and feelings through sculpting. The new passion quickly turned into a life driven obsession to create art. Out of growing need to create and discover, the studio took shape in conjunction with ongoing thirst for new techniques, pushing the abilities and stretching both boundaries and imagination.

Ran Shapira is a sculptor who works in different mediums, although the dominating materials is concrete. he has a unique approach to the world of art coming from his view of the world and his former experience in the fields of civil engineering and construction materials.

In his view, the process of a sculpture being born starts with an idea, followed by planning means and methods, followed by execution of the model, to be continued by molding and casting up to the final finishes of the piece. In most cases this whole process is done within house by the artist in his studio.

Ran believes that dealing with an idea from the moment it “pops” through to the finished art work is a journey. a test of perseverance and stamina that confronts the hardships that arise from each piece.

The studio is in the old city of Jaffa, an area that is considered an art district of Tel Aviv. The historic stone building gives the studio a unique inspiring atmosphere despite its humble size.