Ruthy Dvir, Israeli Belgian-born designer, painter and multimedia artist.

Seeing as she owned a fashion house in Israel, Ruthy designed fashion. Years later, she turned her practical profession into an art form and now specializes in creating attire for the soul; Ruthy paints her emotional world. “I began by designing fashion to cover the human body, and years later, started exposing my inner world on the fabric of the dresses. The revealing and concealing body adornments, are actually what makes my art soul-revealing.”

The artist Ruthy Dvir creates an aesthetic and sensual, moving, historical and therefore ambivalent dialogue between herself and the dresses and between herself and the audience. The surroundings and narratives accompanying her life, are presented on the canvas in stories devoid of words but rich in form, color and texture. Using diverse techniques, she paints, mixes, punctuates, and decorates laying down acrylic, oil pastels, chalk, ink paper, lace, prints and oil paint.

Ruthy moves between the abstract and defined, and her moods and mind sets are reflected on the surface of a continuum of stories from her life. Layer after layer, she transitions between awareness and unawareness, dismantling and exposing the unknown to its redefinition. Ruthy guides the observer into the multi-faceted world of dresses: fantasy versus reality, freedom versus structure, hope versus historical events; she experiences and documents her life through a rich diary. Sometimes, the dresses are meticulous and eclectic and sometimes profound, with a freedom of expression devoid of cultural censorship. For her, clothes are a language, a dialogue between the broken and unbroken. “The dresses are a metaphor of my personal life, and also bear testimony to the historical times I live in.”