TARKA MOSHE was born in 1981 in Ethiopia. At the age of 3 he immigrated to Israel via Sudan.Tarka’s works are characterized by sculpture and painting techniques baased on assemblage, detached academic-realistic approaches.Despite many stylistic changes his work has been through, his art expresses cultural and social protest, indicating his deep involvement in Israeli culture.Some of Tarka’s work reflect the difficulty and suffering entailed the dangerous jorney to Israel, in which at least 4,000 Jews died as a result of epidemics, starvation and murderous attacks.These works reflect a personal and communal journey which continues today from absorption into Israeli society, while preserving the culture, color and language that accompanied him from early childhood.
To maintain the authenticity Tarkacreates with minimal impact from other artists and practice converge within himself and draw his inspiration from his memories, feelingsand interpretation of this socialand inner journey.He prepares all materials and beddingby himself, using many different mediums; Concrete, asphalt, cement, industrial metals and paints, all mixed by hands. With textures and topography, he creates different locations in the art work and like him, are the vicissitudes and changes, until accomplishing a single language, fascinating and rich, not giving up any quality of the materials and yet tells a whole uniquestory. Tarka was awarded the first prize in an artist competition of , judgedby Jonah Fisher (Senior Curator in institutions and museums in Israel and abroad and Israel Prize laureate in sculpture) He exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country and worldwide.